emergency iv access

Overall intraosseous complication rate was 2.1%

“In a literature search, we identified 5,759 patients treated with IO catheters. The overall complication rate was 2.1%. In this article, we discuss the literature on IO catheter complications and report 2 cases of orthopedic management of IO catheter complications” Barlow and Kuhn (2014).

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peripheral cannula

Clinical nurse compliance with standard precautions

“To perform detailed psychometric testing of the compliance with standard precautions scale (CSPS) in measuring compliance with standard precautions of clinical nurses and to conduct cross-cultural pilot testing and assess the relevance of the CSPS on an international platform” Lam (2014).

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Iatrogenic anaemia can occur in patients who have frequent blood tests

Blood loss due to diagnostic phlebotomy jest a very serious problem, especially for newborn, infants and critically ill patients on intensive care units. Although single blood loss can be easily tolerated in adults, in small babies and in patients who are frequently monitored based on laboratory tests iatrogenic anaemia can occur” Sztefko et al (2014).

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Qualitative study investigates procedure-related pain in children

“Most children experienced mild pain during procedures. The children’s positioning during the procedure and prior experience with the procedure seem to influence their experience of procedural pain and it is therefore essential that therapy is tailored for each child and includes a multimodal approach” Rømsing et al (2014).

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