Persistent left SVC in hemodialysis

“We share our experience of successfully placing a hemodialysis central venous catheter in a very rare congenital anomaly wherein patient had persistent left SVC with agenesis of the right SVC” Bagai et al (2021).

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icu clabsi

CVC-related thrombosis prediction score

“Existing tumor, high APACHE II score, elevated D-dimer on the 3rd day after catheterization, and decreased maximum velocity of right internal jugular vein on the 3rd day after catheterization are independent risk factors for central venous CRT in critical patients” Wang et al (2021).

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subcutaneous drip

IV device history – Full Text

“The middle of 20th century proved to be a golden era for development of disposable medical devices. From steel reusable needles with a stylet in the 1950s to the Angiocath (the first disposable device) in 1964 to polyethylene, polyurethane (plastics) in the 1970s and 1980s, to modern-day catheters made of Teflon and Vialon, peripheral intravascular catheters have evolved” Thakur and Gupta (2022).

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cvc ultrasound

Glove contamination in hemodialysis units

“A prospective study was conducted to assess potential invisible blood contamination on nurses’ gloved hands during vascular access procedures using the occult blood detection method in a hemodialysis unit. 60.13% (273/454) of samples tested positive for hemoglobin” Li et al (2021).

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Ultrasound CVC tip confirmation

“In pediatric cardiac patients, point-of-care ultrasound diagnostic may be effective to confirm CVC positioning following initial placement and to reduce radiation exposure” Baehner et al (2021).

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ECG IV port tip placement

“IC-ECG-guided catheter tip placement for TIVAP is feasible, safe, and cost-effective, with high accuracy, low risk of complications, and lower cost” Liu et al (2021).

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OPAT national survey

“We conducted a national survey of pediatric infectious diseases (ID) clinicians on outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy (OPAT) practices and post-discharge ID follow-up” Vaz et al (2021).

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Vascular access robot – Full Text

“We developed a handheld AI-enabled interventional device, AI-GUIDE (Artificial Intelligence Guided Ultrasound Interventional Device), capable of directing users with no ultrasound or interventional expertise to catheterize a deep blood vessel, with an initial focus on the femoral vein” Brattain et al (2021).

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Ultrasound guidewire visualization

“Ultrasound verification of the guidewire traveling along the vein parallel to it and without any changes in angle has been recommended for prevention of inadvertent arterial catheterization during central venous catheter (CVC) placement” Wakabayashi (2021).

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ECG PICC tip positioning

“The increased P wave pattern had the highest occurrence probability and high positioning accuracy. It therefore has strong clinical application value for PICC tip localization in patients with cancer” Li et al (2021).

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