Phlebotomy service patient satisfaction

“The objective of this study was to use process cycle efficiency (PCE) to assess the performance of an intelligent tube preparation system (ITPS) which automatically labeled test tubes and conducted patient rerouting for phlebotomy services, and to interpret the WT during peak hours” Wu et al (2021).

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OPAT quality indicators

“The aim of this study was to evaluate the clinimetric properties of 33 quality indicators (QIs) developed to assess Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) and to identify potential room for improvement in a hospital-at-home (HaH) unit” March-López et al (2021).

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cannulation training

Central line insertion simulator

“The Dynamic Haptic Robotic Trainer (DHRT) was developed to minimize the up to 39% of adverse effects experienced by patients during Central Venous Catheterization (CVC) by standardizing CVC training, and provide automated assessments of performance” Gonzalez-Vargas et al (2021).

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picc tip

PICC tip location

“Our study shows that ML classifiers can automatically extract the anatomical location of PICC tips from radiology reports” Shah et al (2021).

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Fibrin Sheath

Implantable port depth

“Subcutaneous implantation of TIVAPS at a depth of 8-12 mm could be preferred due to the lowest incidence of internal and external complications compared to the incidence of these complications in other groups” Chen et al (2021).

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Sedation for CVC insertion

“For central venous access device procedures under monitored anesthesia care, remifentanil use in both infusion and bolus techniques could provide sufficient sedation and analgesia without serious adverse effects” Sagiroglu et al (2021).

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Central line bundle implementation – Full Text

“However, some factors related to bundle compliance and measurement remain unaddressed, including harder to change socio-cultural factors likely important to sustainability of the CLABSI reductions and fostering further improvements across a broader safety agenda” Goldman et al (2021).

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Multi-chamber infusion bag design

“The proportion of force loaded on different chamber was gained. The results indicated that critical bursting force is positively related to the length and width of the chamber, and negatively related to the height of the chamber” Fan et al (2021).

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Vascular access team benefits

“The survey results highlight some of the potential benefits of implementing a dedicated VAT including use of a broader range of vascular access devices, increased awareness of the presence of vascular access policies, increased likelihood of recent vascular access training, and increased rates of systematic monitoring of associated complications” Cortés et al (2021).

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