intravenous infusion

Effective strategy for reducing CLABSI rates outside the ICU

“A multipronged approach blending both the adaptive and technical aspects of care including front line engagement, education, execution of best practices, and evaluation of both process and outcome measures may provide an effective strategy for reducing CLABSI rates outside the ICU” Dumyati et al (2014).

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peripheral cannula

OPAT premature antimicrobial discontinuation reviewed

“In this retrospective cohort analysis of patients treated with either nafcillin or cefazolin for MSSA infection in the outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital from 2007 to 2011, the frequency of premature antimicrobial discontinuation (PAD) and drug-emergent events (DEEs) was calculated” Youngster et al (2014).

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Do venepuncture procedures induce cortisol responses?

“Venepuncture procedures are frequently employed to continuously monitor humoral stress markers. As such procedures are conceived as “potent psychological and physiological stressors”, there is a need to determine whether venepuncture procedures themselves elicit cortisol responses and if so, how to deal with them appropriately” Weckesser et al (2014).

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neonatal infection

Measurement of flow rate variability in neonatal IV therapy

“Caregivers should be aware of these findings, and optimise the delivery of IV substances by making use of check valves with low opening pressures and by minimising compliance and volume of the IV-administration set. Furthermore, changes in the relative height between pumps and catheter tip should be minimized” van der Eijk et al (2014).

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Sepsis recognition and management

“Implementation of systems capitalizing on the ability of the electronic health record to constantly screen patients, paired with rapid response teams who can assess and approach sepsis with a standardized algorithm can significantly improve the recognition and management of patients with sepsis, and save lives” Cox and Voss (2021).

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Glue for peripheral IV catheter securement

“We conducted a prospective, single-site, parallel, two-arm randomized controlled investigation with a primary outcome of catheter failure comparing securement with standard semi-permeable dressing and clear tape (SPD) to standard semipermeable dressing and clear tape with cyanoacrylate glue (SPD + CG)” Bahl et al (2021).

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