PICC use in technology-dependent children – Full Text

Vascular access and medication safety

“In this review, commonly prescribed home-based medical technologies such as home ventilation, enteral nutrition, renal replacement therapy, and peripherally inserted central catheter, which are useful for quick revision, are described” Gulla et al (2020).

Drug stability and continuous-infusion in the outpatient setting

“The use of continuous-infusion in outpatient setting could be widely used in oncology and haematology care. Many times the lack of data stability about single drug or admixture of drugs, together with patient education and safety, make difficult the transition from inpatient to outpatient setting” Perego et al (2020).

Anaphylactic reactions to biological drugs


“This review summarizes the current knowledge of the pathogenic mechanisms of biologics-induced anaphylaxis, and the diagnostic and prophylactic strategies in the management of potentially reactive patients, to improve the safety profile of biologics” Matucci et al (2020).

Antibiotic-loaded sol-gel prevents CLABSI – Full Text

“The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a moxifloxacin-loaded organic-inorganic sol-gel (A50) by locally preventing the catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI)” Aguilera-Correa et al (2020).

Prevention of post-catheter removal clinical sepsis in neonates

neonatal picc

“Administration of one-time doses of vancomycin and cefazolin did not reduce the incidence of PCRCS when administered to critically ill neonates prior to umbilical venous catheter or peripherally inserted central catheter removal” Teibel et al (2020).