Advice on plasma as a possible treatment approach of COVID-19

“This document prepared and endorsed by the Working Party on Global Blood Safety of the International Society of Blood Transfusion presents elements, as of April 2020, to take into consideration in the preparation and transfusion of COVID-19 convalescent plasma” Epstein and Burnouf (2020).

How to adapt vascular access in COVID-19 patients?

vascular access devices in patients with COVID-19

“The 2020 COVID pandemic has forced everyone to update the usual medical procedures and adapt them to a new situation characterized by a high risk of contamination of the health operator” Scoppettuolo et al (2020).

Peripherally inserted central catheters and infection outbreaks

“To reduce PICC-related BSIs and their related mortality, it is important to limit the overuse of PICCs and to implement a ‘no PICC’ policy by limiting the insertion of PICCs to situations without other available options” Durand et al (2020).

How to reduce pain during peripheral IV cannulation?

Needleless Connector Hubs

“This article outlines the factors that can cause pain for adult patients requiring a PIVC and recommends that the use of local anaesthetics be more widely considered when inserting a cannula” Welyczko (2020).