Guidelines for the management of extravasation

im injection

“The purpose of these practice guidelines is to offer and share strategies for preventing extravasation from occurring and measures for handling drugs known to cause tissue necrosis” Kim et al (2020).

UEDVT in COVID positive patient with midline catheter

iv recall

“We describe the case of a coronavirus disease patient with midline who, during ventilation with continuous positive airway pressure helmet with underarm fastening straps, presented thrombosis of the axillary vein in the armpit” Vailati et al (2020).

Extravasation treatment with medical-grade honey

parenteral nutrition

“We present a case series of 7 preterm neonates (28-36 weeks of gestation) with extravasation injuries secondary to peripheral intravenous administration of total parental nutrition and medication” Smaropoulos et al (2020).

ECG PICC tip location and UEDVT rate reduction

“The use of electrocardiographic to confirm peripherally inserted central catheter tip placement at the cavoatrial junction was associated with significantly fewer deep vein thrombosis events than radiographic imaging” Kleidon et al (2020).

Review of CLABSI and UEDVT rates in the ICU


“To compare Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) and catheter-related thrombosis rates in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and onco-hematologic patients with PICC lines and CVCs” Mavrovounis et al (2020).

How to start a nurse-led paediatric PICC service?

intravenous cannulation

“The aim of this article is to present the experience of starting a paediatric peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) service and setting up a nurse-led paediatric PICC insertion service” Ojo (2020)

Prognostic factors for PICC associated upper extremity DVT

intraosseous training

“The precise incidence and risk of PICC-related venous thrombosis is important to be verified in the context of growing PICC use and an understanding of the risk of venous thrombosis is an important cost and patient safety question” Gao et al (2020).