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Intravenous history: Second of three full text articles. This article from 1941 describes an intravenous table that allows safe intravenous medication administration.


THE apparatus herein described, and shown in the accompanying illustrations, is an intravenous operating table for use in administering all types of intravenous medication into the antecubital veins. Its method of operation is as follows:The patient’s arm is placed upon the table, with the upper arm in the tourniquet “V” and the wrist secured by the strap. The surgeon then presses down on the foot treadle until the veins are distended, and after cleaning the antecubital space with alcohol, inserts the needle into the vein; he then releases the foot treadle and proceeds to inject the medicament. Thus, with both handsfree to manipulate the syringe and needle, the danger of injecting subcutaneously is minimized.

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Hoffman, M.E. (1941) Intravenous Therapy: Description of intravenous operating table. California and Western Medicine. 55(5), p.253-4.

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