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Faratro, R., Jeffries, J., Nesrallah, G.E. and MacRae, J.M. (2015) The care and keeping of vascular access for home hemodialysis patients. Hemodialysis International. 19(Suppl 1), p.S80-92).


Creating and maintaining a healthy vascular access is a critical factor in successful home hemodialysis (HD). This article aims to serve as a “how-to manual” regarding vascular access issues for both patients and health-care providers in a home HD program. This document outlines cannulation options for patients with arteriovenous access and describes troubleshooting techniques for potential complications; strategies are suggested to help patients overcome fear of cannulation and address problems associated with difficult cannulation. Technical aspects of central venous catheter care, as well as a guide to troubleshooting catheter complications, are covered in detail. Monitoring for access-related complications of stenosis, infection, and thrombosis is a key part of every home HD program. Key performance and quality indicators are important mechanisms to ensure patient safety in home HD and should be used during routine clinic visits.

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