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Transfusion medicine education program


“Transfusion Camp is a TM education program that enables medical professionals to better understand basic and practical TM principles based on current evidence. The curriculum is delivered over five days across the academic year, targeted towards postgraduate medical trainees. Each of the themed days addresses specific learning objectives and is broken down into two half days, consisting of two to three didactic lectures followed by a modified team-based learning (TBL) seminar (Table 1). The modified TBL seminars are attended by small groups of 5–15 trainees and facilitated by a local faculty member based on a seminar moderator package with cases followed by multiple choice questions. Trainees are asked to select a response and then a discussion ensues as trainees justify their responses. At the end of the discussion, the facilitator provides a brief summary of the learning points. In total, the Transfusion Camp curriculum contains approximately 15 hours of didactic lectures, 13 hours of TBL seminars and multiple prereading materials.”


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