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Schnürle, J. (2015) Subcutaneous rehydration for efficient treatment of elderly people during heat-waves. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift. 140(11), p.827-30. .


Geriatric patients were more often treated in hospitals for Dehydration in the last years resembling a rising burden for Health systems. Elderly people are more vulnerable for Dehydration during Heat Waves especially when there are complicating factors like febrile episodes or multiple medications. In private care situations as in homes for elderly Strategies have to be implemented in Germany to prevent hospital admissions in the case of transient Dehydration. By this a rise of costs and a waste of ressources should be diminished. Prehospital stuctures have to be implemented to maintain oral Rehydration aware of a more intensive care. At the same time there is the need to use the parenteral method of subcutaneous infusion (Hypodermoclysis) for a defined time.

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