Scrubbing the hub decontamination for peripheral intravenous catheter care


This observational study (n = 108) found high compliance with “scrubbing the hub,” although scrub time was shorter than the recommended duration (average 6.1 seconds)” Slater et al (2019).


Of nurses, 99% “scrubbed the hub” of the needleless connector.
Of nurses, 3.7% were compliant with a 15-second needleless connector “scrub.”
Hand hygiene premedication preparation was 33%.
Hand hygiene postmedication administration was 65%.
Poorest hand hygiene rates observed in the ED and those wearing gloves.


Good hand hygiene and “scrub the hub” practices are important to prevent bloodstream infections. Compliance with hand hygiene before medication preparation (33%) and before medication administration (43%) showed room for improvement compared with postadministration (65%), the emergency setting and glove use were associated with poorer compliance (P < .01).

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Slater, K., Cooke, M., Scanlan, E. and Rickard, C.M. (2019) Hand hygiene and needleless connector decontamination for peripheral intravenous catheter care—time and motion observational study. American Journal of Infection Control. March 5th. .



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