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Nakamura, R., Fukuda, H., Miyoshi, H., Matsunami, K., Hamada, H. and Kawamoto, M. (2015) Investigation of a Novel Intravenous Catheter “Safe Wing Cath”. Masui. 64(2), p.212-7. .


BACKGROUND: A Safe Wing Cath (SWC) is a novel intravenous catheter which has a unique needlestick injury safety mechanism.

METHODS: We investigated the success rate of intravenous catheterization using SWC by questionnaire. Anesthesiologists were recruited who had no previous experience of using SWC. Two or three consecutive trials were subjected for investigation.

RESULTS: During four months in 2012, 8 anesthesiologists were asked to do the job 23 times. The success rate was 62.5% at first use by each anesthesiologist 87.5% at second use, and 100% at third use.

CONCLUSIONS: Experienced anesthesiologists can learn the technique of SWC on its second or third use.

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