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Bloodstream infection, including central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSIs) and mucosal barrier injury laboratory-confirmed bloodstream infections (MBI-LCBIs), is a severe, life-threatening infectious complication in immunocompromised patients. Rates of CLABSI and MBI-LCBI in a hematology-oncology unit at an academic hospital started climbing in April 2016. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach was implemented to mitigate the risk. These were the results in the decline of the rates of both CLABSI and MBI-LCBI.


Riley, M.M., Berry-Price, J., Jafari, L. and Latchford, T. (2018) Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections and Mucosal Barrier Injury Laboratory-Confirmed Bloodstream Infections: Results from a Quality-Improvement Project in a Hematology-Oncology Unit. American Journal of Infection Control. 46(6, Supplement), p.S40-S41.