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"Homemade ultrasound phantoms are cost effective, increase confidence, and improve emergency medicine residents' ability to perform ultrasound-guided vein cannulation" Sabak et al (2022).
Homemade ultrasound peripheral IV training phantom


Background: Ultrasound-guided vein cannulation is an essential skill in emergency medicine. Prohibitive costs of commercial ultrasound phantoms limit the ability to adequately train residents. We assess the clinical utility of homemade phantoms for medical education.

Methods: Eighteen emergency medicine residents each performed 10 ultrasound-guided IV attempts on patients, half of the attempts before and half after a training course using two homemade ultrasound phantoms with 14 total Penrose drains. We conducted a prospective feasibility study using pre- and post-training surveys comparing confidence and success rates of IV cannulation attempts on patients.

Results: Residents demonstrated an improvement in successful ultrasound-guided peripheral vein cannulations from an average of 47.8% during the first five attempts to 71.1% in the last five attempts. No benefit was noted from the first to the fifth attempts, nor from the six to the tenth attempts, suggesting minimal benefit from experience early on. Residents reported increased confidence in performing ultrasound-guided venous cannulation on patients, identifying the correct probe, adjusting gain and depth, visualizing veins in short and long axis, differentiating arteries from veins, and vein cannulation on a phantom model.

Conclusion: Homemade ultrasound phantoms are cost effective, increase confidence, and improve emergency medicine residents’ ability to perform ultrasound-guided vein cannulation.


Sabak M, Al-Hadidi A, Demashkieh L, Zengin S, Hakmeh W. Homemade phantoms improve ultrasound-guided vein cannulation confidence and procedural performance on patients. Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg. 2022 Sep;28(9):1312-1316. English. doi: 10.14744/tjtes.2022.74712. PMID: 36043933.