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Shared decision making is a process characterized by a partnership between a nurse and a patient. The existence of a relationship does not ensure shared decision making. Little is known about what nurses need to know and do for this experience to take place. A qualitative descriptive study was implemented using Coalizzi’s method. Semistructured interviews were held with patients, and 3 themes were uncovered. The findings suggest that a nurse’s conduct aimed at drawing patients in and inviting them to participate in a conversation leads toward shared decisions. Infusion nurses may find this information useful as they engage their patients in shared decisions.


Truglio-Londrigan, M. (2015) The Patient Experience With Shared Decision Making: A Qualitative Descriptive Study. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 38(6), p.407–418.

DOI: 10.1097/NAN.0000000000000136

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