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Intravenous and vascular access literature news and updates.

Intravenous Literature

OHPAT service review

Intravenous literature: Hitchcock, J., Jepson, A.P., Main, J. and Wickens, H.J. (2009) Establishment of an outpatient and home parenteral antimicrobial…

Intravenous Literature

Nutritional support networks

Intravenous literature: Powell-Tuck, J. (2009) Teams, strategies and networks: developments in nutritional support; a personal perspective. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. 68(3),…

Intravenous Literature

Factor V Leiden

Intravenous literature: Weinstein, S.M. (2009) Factor V Leiden: impact on infusion nursing practice. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 32(4), p.219-223. Abstract:…

Intravenous Literature

IV device contamination

Intravenous literature: Rothwell, M., Pearson, D., Wright, K. and Barlow, D. (2009) Bacterial contamination of PCA and epidural infusion devices. Anaesthesia. 64(7),…

Intravenous Literature

Acid-base balance

Intravenous literature: Atherton, J.C. (2009) Role of the kidney in acid-base balance. Anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. 10(6), p.276-278. Abstract:…

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