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OBJECTIVE: As vascular procedures become more complex, patient understanding of their treatment(s) can become more difficult. We wished to evaluate the utility of multimedia presentations (MPs) to improve patient understanding of their vascular interventions.

METHODS: Patients undergoing endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), peripheral angioplasty, Hickman catheter and peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) insertion were randomized into a control group receiving traditional verbal consent, and a MP group that were shown a two minute simplified video of their procedure on an iPad™ computer in addition to the traditional verbal consent. After obtaining consent, all patients completed a questionnaire assessing their comprehension of the procedure, and satisfaction with the consent process. Satisfaction was rated on a 5 point Likert scale with 5 being ‘very helpful’ in understanding the procedure.

RESULTS: Ninety-three patients were recruited for this study, 62% of which were male. The intervention significantly increased total comprehension in all procedure types controlling for procedure type (multimedia vs. control; F = 9.14, P = .003). A second ANOVA showed there was a significant main effect by intervention (F = 44.06, p < .000) with those in the intervention group showing higher overall satisfaction scores after controlling for surgery type.

CONCLUSION: This study suggests that patients find the use of MP during the consent process to be helpful in patient understanding and that there is improved satisfaction. Given the rapid rate of innovation in vascular interventions, increased regular use of MPs to help patients understand their procedures would be beneficial in the care of patients undergoing vascular interventions.


Bowers, N., Eisenberg, E., Montbriand, J., Jaskolka, J. and Roche-Nagle, G. (2015) Using a multimedia presentation to improve patient understanding and satisfaction with informed consent for minimally invasive vascular procedures. Surgeon. October 10th. .

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