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Hakko, E., Guvenc, S., Karaman, I., Cakmak, A., Erdem, T. and Cakmakci, M. (2015) Long-term sustainability of zero central-line associated bloodstream infections is possible with high compliance with care bundle elements. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 21(4), p.293-8.


Central-line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) is one of the most important problems in intensive care units (ICUs) worldwide. A bundle of CLABSI care measures was introduced at a 13-bed medical/surgical ICU in Kocaeli, Turkey in January 2010. Compliance rates with the bundle were measured at the beginning of the third quarter of 2010 until June 2013 and compared with CLABSI rates. During the post-intervention period, of 2196 ICU patients, 732 lines placed for 4366 line-days were monitored. Feedback to staff reinforced a culture of patient safety in the ICU. Infection rates remained zero for 38 months after the implementation. There was a strong negative correlation between bundle compliance rate and CLABSI rates. With the implementation of the central-line bundle of care, together with emphasis on high compliance with all its components and a culture of patient safety, it was possible to achieve and maintain a zero rate of CLABSI in this ICU.

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