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"Intravenous compounding robots have certain advantages in terms of effectiveness, safety, economy, and social adaptability" Yang et al (2023).
Intravenous compounding robots in pharmacy


Background: There is a lack of best evidence of intravenous compounding robots for hospital decision-makers. This study aimed to conduct a systematic review of intravenous compounding robots.

Methods: A comprehensive search of relevant professional health technology assessment websites and electronic databases was conducted from inception to February 3, 2022. Current studies related to intravenous compounding robots were included in this systematic review. Two reviewers independently screened the literature, extracted data, and assessed quality. The results were reported by qualitative description because of heterogeneity in the characteristics of the data in the included studies.

Results: Thirty-three studies were included. Effectiveness: The robots improved production efficiency compared with usual/manual preparation; however, the intravenous preparation process requires further optimization. Additionally, robots reduced the incidence of medicine residues, preparation errors, and preparation failures. The solution properties of intravenous admixture medicines were satisfactory, and the robots also contributed to error recognition. Safety: The robots reduced product pollution and environmental pollution, but vigilance is still required to ensure that pollution stays low. The robots also reduced the incidence of health damage to technicians. Economy: The robots reduced material costs in these studies; however, whether they can reduce labor costs remains unclear. Social suitability: Technicians had a high degree of satisfaction with the robots, but few relevant studies focused on this aspect.

Conclusions: Intravenous compounding robots have certain advantages in terms of effectiveness, safety, economy, and social adaptability.


Yang C, Ni X, Zhang L, Peng L. Intravenous compounding robots in pharmacy intravenous admixture services: A systematic review. Medicine (Baltimore). 2023 May 12;102(19):e33476. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000033476. PMID: 37171327.