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“Optimal skin integrity in association with the securement of vascular access devices is often overlooked, with primary emphasis being the prevention of infection at insertion site and catheter-related blood stream infections. There is limited literature regarding skin integrity associated with vascular access devices and in particular peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs).”

“Much of what does exist focuses on skin tears associated with the choice of dressing and irritant contact dermatitis (LeBlanc et al, 2011; Kutzscher, 2012; McNichol et al, 2013). However, this does not address other significant issues associated with dressings used for the securement of vascular access devices.”


Hitchcock, J. and Savine, L. (2015) Medical adhesive-related skin injury: VADS and dressings. British Journal of Nursing. 24(Sup14), p.S13–S13.

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