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Ruan, J., Zhang, C., Peng, Z., Tang, D.Y. and Feng, Z. (2015) Inferior thyroid artery pseudoaneurysm associated with internal jugular vein puncture: a case report. BMC Anesthesiology. 15(1), p71.


BACKGROUND: Central venous catheter placement is an important aspect of patient care for the administration of fluids and medications and for monitoring purposes. However, it is still associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

CASE PRESENTATION: We report a case of iatrogenic inferior thyroid artery pseudoaneurysm during the central line placement due to internal jugular vein puncture. This is a rare complication of central venous cannulation. Fortunately the pseudoaneurysm was monitored closely, diagnosed promptly and obliterated by using radiological intervention. We discuss the risk factors and management of the unintended artery puncture.

CONCLUSION: The pathway of the management post arterial puncture depends on the size of the needle or catheter, which is direct related to the consequence of arterial injuries. Identifying risk factors is very important to avoid the complications. However, the use of ultrasound guided venipuncture is the most important method to avoid mechanical complications.

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