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The authors report a case of a preterm neonate who presented with lid edema, corneal edema, and an inflammatory membrane with whitish exudates in the pupillary area, suggestive of endophthalmitis. There was also a cutaneous ulcer with an eschar on the right wrist at the site of extravasation associated with previous intravenous catheter.

Cultures from the ulcer and vitreous samples both grew Serratia marcescens with identical antibiotic sensitivity and resistance patterns. The ocular infection was rapidly progressive and did not respond to administered medical and surgical therapy leading to subsequent phthisis bulbi. Serratia can cause endophthalmitis refractory to antibiotics and despite aggressive and timely treatment can have an unfavorable outcome. This report aims at highlighting the possibility of metastatic infection from an extravasation injury with a potentially fatal outcome.


Sindal, M.D. and Nakhwa, C.P. (2015) Metastatic Serratia endophthalmitis associated with extravasation injury in a preterm neonate. Oman Journal of Ophthalmology. 8(2), p.114-116.

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