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Extravasation of vasopressors can have serious complications varying from simple local reactions to skin necrosis and compartment syndrome. Here, we presented bullous dermatitis and skin necrosis which developed due to extravasation of adrenalin infusion in a Hodgkin lymphoma patient with septic shock who was admitted due febrile neutropenia.

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Ozcan, A., Baratalı ,E., Meral, O., Ergul, A.B., Aslaner, H., Coskun, R. and Torun, Y.A. (2015) Bullous Dermatitis and Skin Necrosis Developing after Adrenalin Extravasation. The Eurasian Journal of Medicine. 47(3), p.226-8.

DOI: 10.5152/eurasianjmed.2015.58.

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