Efficacy of educational interventions and port protectors on CLABSI


We evaluated efficacy of educational interventions on rate of CLABSIs and effects of port protector as adjuvant tool” Inchingolo et al (2019).


BACKGROUND: Central Line-Associated BloodStream Infections (CLABSIs) are emerging challenge in Respiratory semi-Intensive Care Units (RICUs). We evaluated efficacy of educational interventions on rate of CLABSIs and effects of port protector as adjuvant tool.

METHODS: Study lasted 18 months (9 months of observation and 9 of intervention). We enrolled patients with central venous catheter (CVC): 1) placed during hospitalization in RICU; 2) already placed without signs of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) within 48 h after the admission; 3) already placed without evidence of microbiologic contamination of blood cultures. During interventional period we randomized patients into two groups: 1) educational intervention (Group 1) and 2) educational intervention plus port protector (Group 2). We focused on CVC-related sepsis as primary outcome. Secondary outcomes were the rate of CVC colonization and CVC contamination.

RESULTS: Eighty seven CVCs were included during observational period. CLABSIs rate was 8.4/1000 [10 sepsis (9 CLABSIs)]. We observed 17 CVC colonizations and 6 contaminations. Forty six CVCs were included during interventional period. CLABSIs rate was 1.4/1000. 21/46 CVCs were included into Group 2, in which no CLABSIs or contaminations were reported, while 2 CVC colonizations were found.

CONCLUSIONS: Our study clearly shows that both kinds of interventions significantly reduce the rate of CLABSIs. In particular, the use of port protector combined to educational interventions gave zero CLABSIs rate.

TRIAL REGISTRATION: NCT03486093 [ ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier], retrospectively registered.

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Inchingolo, R., Pasciuto, G., Magnini, D., Cavalletti, M., Scoppettuolo, G., Montemurro, G., Smargiassi, A., Torelli, R., Sanguinetti, M., Spanu, T., Corbo, G.M. and Richeldi, L. (2019) Educational interventions alone and combined with port protector reduce the rate of central venous catheter infection and colonization in respiratory semi-intensive care unit. BMC Infectious Diseases. 19(1), p.215.

doi: 10.1186/s12879-019-3848-z.


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