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Kim, Y.G., Jeong, I.S. and Park, S.M. (2015) Sharps injury prevention guidance among health care professionals: A comparison between self-reported and observed compliance. American Journal of Infection Control. June 11th. .


BACKGROUND: This study was performed to compare self-report and observation methods for measuring compliance with double gloving (DG) and the hands-free technique (HFT).

METHODS: The participants were 81 health care professionals (29 nurses, 52 doctors) working in 22 operating rooms in a tertiary hospital in Busan (South Korea). All participants were asked to complete a self-report questionnaire. Additionally, compliance with DG and the HFT was observed from March-May 2014. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, χ2 test, and κ statistic using SPSS version 18.0 (SPSS, Chicago, IL).

RESULTS: The participants who always complied with DG and the HFT were 30.9% and 7.7% according to the self-report method, respectively, and 30.9% and 0.0% according to direct observation, respectively. The κ value comparing the self-report and observation methods was 0.557 for all study participants, 0.259 for nurses, and 0.668 for doctors for DG. The κ value was 0.027 for all participants, 0.131 for nurses, and 0.020 for doctors for the HFT.

CONCLUSION: DG compliance and HFT compliance showed moderate and low levels of agreement between the 2 methods, respectively. Doctors showed higher agreement than nurses between the 2 methods for DG compliance but similar to nurses for HFT compliance. Therefore, the levels of compliance with DG may be measured by either the self-report or observation methods for doctors.

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