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BACKGROUND: Cerebral venous thrombosis is an uncommon disorder in the general population. However, it has a higher frequency among patients younger than 40 years , patients with thrombophilia and patients that have foreign body such as catheter in their veins or arterial system.

CASE DETAILS: In this case report, we described the clinical and radiological findings of a patient who developed cerebral vein thrombosis post coronary artery bypass grafting secondary undiagnosed protein C and S deficiency which was precipitated by malposition of subclavian central catheter into internal jugular vein.

CONCLUSION: We emphasis the importance of radiological veiw of central vein catheter position just after or at the time of cannulation of central vein, not at some hours later as in our case.

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Sabzi, F. and Faraji, R. (2015) Cerebral Vein Thrombosis Post Cabg Precipitated by Malposition of Subclavian Central Catheter in Protein C & S Deficiency Patient. Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences. 25(3), p.283-8.

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