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"The single-suture method of the central tunneled catheter exit closure is equal in efficacy to the double suture method" Porazko et al (2021).

Central venous tunneled catheter stabilization


Introduction: The majority of the end-stage renal disease patients begin hemodialysis with the central tunneled catheter as a permanent or bridge vascular access. The procedure of central tunneled catheter insertion can be complicated by exit site bleeding, prolonged tunnel healing, and infection. The study aimed at evaluating whether the catheter exit site wound closing with a single-suture method is equally effective as the double suture method, which is most frequently applied. The assumption was that the single-suture method, which is less traumatizing for the skin, could offer an advantage for the patients with “paper” skin, that is, elderly, after long-term immunosuppressive treatment.

Methods: Insertion of central tunneled catheter with antegrade tunnel formation was performed in 140 patients divided randomly into two groups of 70 patients using either single-suture method or double suture method.

Results: Follow-up observations revealed a comparable number of early complications, that is, bleeding or exit site infection, in about 26% of the patients from both groups. No difference appeared in the catheter displacement, either. The percentage of patients with a prolonged central tunneled catheter exit site wound healing was not significantly lower in the single-suture method group: 5.8% versus 11.3%, p = 0.367. There was no impact of single-suture method versus double suture method on the central tunneled catheter long-term function and survival.

Conclusion: The single-suture method of the central tunneled catheter exit closure is equal in efficacy to the double suture method. Its potential benefit for the patients with an increased risk of poor wound healing should be tested in further study.


Porazko T, Piersiak A, Klinger M. The efficacy of single suture for exit site wound closure and stabilization of hemodialysis central tunneled catheter. SAGE Open Med. 2021 May 28;9:20503121211019889. doi: 10.1177/20503121211019889. PMID: 34104438; PMCID: PMC8165520.