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The purpose of the study was to evaluate serum concentration of antibiotics drawn from a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) compared with a peripheral venipuncture. This prospective comparative study included patients with ages 1month to 21years admitted with a respiratory infection requiring IV vancomycin or IV tobramycin via a newly placed PICC.

The difference between the antibiotic levels from the venipuncture and PICC samples was statistically significant for both the peak and trough levels. However, the difference in values was not enough to impact antibiotic dosing and therefore was not clinically significant.


Green, M.E., Sullivan, K.J., Wells, S., Board, R., Feldman, H.A. and McCabe, M. (2015) A Comparison of Antibiotic Serum Concentrations Drawn Simultaneously from Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters and Peripheral Veins in Children with Respiratory Infection. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. September 14th. .

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