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INTRODUCTION: This study aimed to assess confidence level of healthcare professionals in venipuncture and their knowledge on the possible causes of in vitro hemolysis.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: A sample of 94 healthcare professionals (nurses and laboratory technicians) participated in this survey study.

A four-section questionnaire was used as a research instrument comprising general information for research participants, knowledge on possible causes of in vitro hemolysis due to type of material used and venipuncture technique and specimen handling, as well as assessment of healthcare professionals’ confidence level in their own ability to perform first and last venipuncture.

RESULTS: The average score on the knowledge test was higher in nurses’ than in laboratory technicians (8.11±1.7, and 7.4±1.5, respectively). The difference in average scores was statistically significant (P=0.035) and Cohen’s d in the range of 0.4 indicates that there is a moderate difference on the knowledge test among the health care workers. Only 11/94 of healthcare professionals recognized that blood sample collection from cannula and evacuated tube is method which contributes most to the occurrence of in vitro hemolysis, whereas most risk factors affecting occurrence of in vitro hemolysis during venipuncture were recognized. There were no significant differences in mean score on the knowledge test in relation to the confidence level in venipuncture (P=0.551).

CONCLUSION: Confidence level at last venipuncture among both profiles of healthcare staff was very high, but they showed insufficient knowledge about possible factors affecting hemolysis due to materials used in venipuncture compared with factors due to venipuncture technique and handling of blood sample.

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Milutinović, D., Andrijević, I., Ličina, M. and Andrijević, L. (2015) Confidence level in venipuncture and knowledge on causes of in vitro hemolysis among healthcare professionals. Biochemia Medica. 25(3), p.401-9.

DOI: 10.11613/BM.2015.040.

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