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IPS report “The IPS Implementation Learning Laboratories ‘Spoke’ Events are aimed at practitioners interested in best practice. This free event will help you to understand and overcome the barriers to implementing infection prevention guidance by providing a package of resources and ongoing support from IPS and colleagues. Building on the momentum and outputs of the first ever IPS Implementation Learning Laboratories ‘Hub’ event we are launching a series of practical, front line-focused guideline implementation ‘Spoke’ events.

Implementation Learning Laboratories, Spoke Events
12 Dates, 12 Locations around the UK and Ireland
Feb – March 2015
FREE Events.

There will be 12 Implementation Learning Laboratories ‘in action’ across the UK and Ireland. These one day events will focus on the reality of implementing infection prevention in practice, sharing examples of success in overcoming common barriers. They will be informed by the outcome of the national ‘Hub’ event and we will create a collaborative and supportive network of practitioners under the umbrella of the Learning Labs, motivated and inspired to consider how implementation of guidelines can be improved. With online resources and a discussion forum available to delegates, these events will provide a supportive network going forward.

Many elements of current national guidance such as EPIC 3 will be discussed in each of the spoke events, and these events will generate tools and resources to help organisations implement guidance.”

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