Central catheter-associated complications in the PICU

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“We aimed to identify the occurrence and risk factors for unplanned catheter removal due to catheter-associated complications and the effects on catheter survival probability in a PICU” Shimizu et al (2020).

IV site observation during total intravenous anaesthesia – Full Text

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“These publications also recommend processed EEG ‘depth of anaesthesia’ monitoring when TIVA is used with a neuromuscular blocking (NMB) drug and the TIVA guidelines recommend a lower threshold for its use when the i.v. access site is not continuously visible” Davies et al (2020).

When should intraosseous access be considered a first-line option?


“In cases in which there is an urgent need for medications and fluid resuscitation, whether in infants, children, or adults, and immediate intravenous access is not easily obtainable, intraosseous access should be considered as a first-line option” DeBoer et al (2020).