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Intravenous literature: Curry, S., Honeycutt, M., Goins, G. and Gilliam, C. (2009) Catheter-associated bloodstream infections in the NICU: getting to zero. Neonatal Network – Journal of

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Central venous line complications

Intravenous literature: Milbrandt, K., Beaudry, P., Anderson, R., Jones, S., Giacomantonio, M. and Sigalet, D. (2009) A multiinstitutional review of central venous line complications: retained intravascular fragments. Journal

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Complication of implanted port

Intravenous literature: Bass, J., and Halton, J.M. (2009) Skin erosion over totally implanted vascular access devices in children. Seminars in Pediatric Surgery. 18(2), p.84-6. Abstract: Erosion

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Sharp safety poll

Intravenous news: New IVTEAM Poll launched “Should the mandatory use of sharps safety devices be made European law?” Please vote in the IVTEAM poll box shown

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SCOTVAN launch IV network

Intravenous news: The Scottish Vascular Access Network was launched on the 18th May 2009. The Scottish Vascular Access Network have come together to establish a collaborative group

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