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Implantable port complications

Intravenous literature: Dickinson, M.G., Scholvinck, E.H., Boonstra, A., Vonk-Noordegraaf, A., Snijder, R.J. and Berger, R.M. (2009) Low complication rates with totally implantable access port use

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Central line misplacement

Intravenous literature: Rath, G.P., Bithal, P.K., Toshniwal, G.R., Prabhakar, H. and Dash, H.H. (2009) Saline flush test for bedside detection of misplaced subclavian vein catheter into ipsilateral internal

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CLABSI rates 1997-2007

Intravenous literature: Burton, D.C., Edwards, J.R., Horan, T.C., Jernigan, J.A. and Fridkin, S.K. (2009) Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus central line-associated bloodstream infections in US intensive care units,

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Central line IV dressings

Intravenous literature: Keene, D., Hennessey, I. and Rakoczy, G. (2009) Central venous line dressings: can you stick it?. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 44(2), p.432-5. Abstract: AIM: The objective

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CVC related endocarditis

Intravenous literature: Ahmed, M.S., Nistal, C., Jayan, R. and Kuduvalli, M.H. (2009) Achromobacter xylosoxidans, an emerging pathogen in catheter-related infection in dialysis population causing prosthetic

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CVP versus PAC

Intravenous literature: Jules-Elysee, K.M., Yadeau, J.T. and Urban, M.K. (2009) Pulmonary artery versus central venous catheter monitoring in the outcome of patients undergoing bilateral total knee

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Heparin-bonded central lines

Intravenous literature: Anton, N., Cox, P.N., Massicotte, M.P., Chait, P., Yasui, Y., Dinyari,  P.M., Marzinotto, V. and Mitchell, L.G. (2009) Heparin-bonded central venous catheters do not

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Vascular access skin preparation

Intravenous literature: Stonecypher, K. (2009) Going around in circles: is this the best practice for preparing the skin? Critical Care Nursing Quarterly. 32(2), p.94-8. Abstract: Hospital-acquired

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