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Needle anxiety

Royle, J. and Wright, L. (2008) Needle anxiety in the clinic: a needs assessment. British Journal of Nursing. 17(20), p.1274-1279. Abstract: Background: A needs assessment for

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Alcohol hand gel adoption

Moody, L., Saint, S., Kaufman, S.R., Kowalski, C. and Krein, S.L. (2008) Adoption of Alcohol-Based Handrub by United States Hospitals: A National Survey. Infection Control and

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Sharp injury in OR

Myers, D.J., Epling, C., Dement, J. and Hunt, D. (2008) Risk of Sharp Device Related Blood and Body Fluid Exposure in Operating Rooms. Infection Control

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Venepuncture training

Shoeman, S., O’Connor, E.F., Harrison, R., Muirhead-Smith, A., Shah, M.A. and Ware, N. (2008) Venepuncture technique training vs practice: a survey of foundation year 1 doctors.

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Saline error child dies

Two year old Emily Jerry died at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital after a pharmaceutical technician prepared her intravenous treatment with a 23 percent saline solution

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Occupational blood exposure

Leiss, J.K., Lyden, J.T., Mathews, R., Sitzman, K.L., Vanderpuije, A. Mav, D., Kendra, M.A., Klein, C. and Humphrey, C.J. (2008) Blood exposure incidence rates from the North

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Needlestick injury report

The Royal College of Nursing said simple shielded needles could stop most accidents and protect nurses from infections such as HIV and hepatitis. But the poll of nearly

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