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Costs associated with CRBSI

Intravenous literature: Tacconelli, E., Smith, G., Hieke, K., Lafuma, A. and Bastide, P. (2009) Epidemiology, medical outcomes and costs of catheter-related bloodstream infections in intensive care units

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CRBSI diagnosis

Intravenous literature: Slobbe, L., El Barzouhi, A., Boersma, E. and Rijnders, B.J. (2009) Comparison of the roll plate method to the sonication method to diagnose catheter

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PICC insertion criteria

Intravenous literature: Migita, D.S., Postetter, L., Heath, S., Hagan, P. and Del Beccaro, M. (2009) Governing peripherally inserted central venous catheters by combining continuous performance improvement

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IV extravasation infection

Intravenous news: ConcordMonitor.com report “The family of a Vermont woman who died following complications from her treatment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center was awarded nearly $1 million

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Incidence of thrombophlebitis

Intravenous literature: Cicolini, G., Bonghi, A.P., Di Labio, L. and Di Mascio, R. (2009) Position of peripheral venous cannulae and the incidence of thrombophlebitis: an observational

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Hypodermoclysis site problem

Intravenous literature: O’Hanlon S,Sheahan P,McEneaney R (2009) Severe hemorrhage from a hypodermoclysis site. American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Medicine. 26(2), p.135-6. Abstract: Hypodermoclysis, or subcutaneous infusion

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CLABSI and needleless device use

Intravenous literature: Toscano, C.M., Bell, M., Zukerman, C., Shelton, W., Novicki, T.J., Nichols, W.G., Corey, L. and Jarvis, W.R. (2009) Gram-negative bloodstream infections in hematopoietic stem

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Handwashing behaviour

Intravenous literature: Hanna, D., Davies, M. and Dempster, M. (2009) Psychological processes underlying nurses’ handwashing behaviour. Journal of Infection Prevention. 10(3), p.90-95. Abstract: Background: Psychological models of

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Possible heparin deaths

Intravenous news: The Chicago Tribune reports ‘Baxter International Inc. said medical care providers at a hospital in Delaware and U.S. health officials are investigating whether the

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