CHG allergy impact on CLABSI rates

“We attempted to standardize skin patch testing with various CVC products, published an algorithm of alternative CVC care for patients with a potential CHG allergy, and created a family education sheet on the highest used alternative, betadine” Renee et al (2021).

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Total intravenous anaesthesia

“This article explores why the practical and outcome benefits have made total intravenous anaesthesia an increasingly accepted alternative to use of inhalational agents” Joines and Harris (2021).

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CLABSI reduction with 90-day sprint approach

“Using a 90-day sprint plan, numerous best practices were identified as key opportunities for CLABSI prevention and two main focus areas were identified for intervention: 1) daily chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) bathing for all patients with central lines and 2) daily line necessity evaluation” Livingston (2021).

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CVC training

Pediatric central venous catheter length

“Due to the difficulty in estimating the proper length of a central venous catheter in smaller pediatric patients, placing an 8 cm long catheter in these patients and then trimming the distal tip while on bypass may be the most accurate way to properly position a catheter” Glenski et al (2021).

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Ultrasound-guided CVC placement

“Although not superior to the standard internal jugular approach, the novel supraclavicular approach proved to be a noninferior method for central venous cannulation” Aydın et al (2021).

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CLABSI antibiotic treatment duration

“Recent data suggest that administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy for 7 days or less may be as well tolerated and effective as longer courses in episodes of GNB-CRBSI, once the CVC has been removed” Ruiz-Ruigómez and Aguado (2021).

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Tibial intraosseous drug administration

“Our aim was to determine whether prehospital administration of resuscitative medications via the IO route was associated with lower rates of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and survival to hospital discharge than peripheral intravenous (IV) infusion in the setting of OHCA” Hamam et al (2021).

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Pediatric CVC tip location protocol

“The aim of this paper is to review all the evidence about the accuracy of ultrasound methods for tip navigation and tip location in pediatric patients, and to suggest a structured protocol for clinical practice” Zito Marinosci et al (2021).

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