intravenous fluids

Improving IV dressing integrity

“We continued to collect postproject data of 30,049 vascular access sites including central line catheters and observed the same effectiveness of incorporating a gum mastic adhesive on dressing integrity” DeVries et al (2021).

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blood culture contamination

False-positive blood culture rate reduction

“This significant reduction (by Fisher’s exact test p = 0.0001) suggests that employing a passive blood diversion device in addition to targeted education may decrease FPBCs; antibiotics overuse, costs, and return visits in the pediatric ED setting” Ostwald et al (2021).

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CLABSI risk factors

“Use of umbilical catheter (p=0,005) and multiple catheters (p<0,001) both showed a statistically significant correlation regarding the development of CLABSI" Cabrera et al (2021).

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VIP Score

PICC line maintenance

“To analyze the influential factors and intervention strategies involved in engaging health-promoting behaviors (EHPD) during peripheral central venous catheter (PICC) line maintenance in malignant tumor patients” Wang et al (2021).

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Ultrasound-guided CVC placement

“Although not superior to the standard internal jugular approach, the novel supraclavicular approach proved to be a noninferior method for central venous cannulation” Aydın et al (2021).

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CLABSI antibiotic treatment duration

“Recent data suggest that administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy for 7 days or less may be as well tolerated and effective as longer courses in episodes of GNB-CRBSI, once the CVC has been removed” Ruiz-Ruigómez and Aguado (2021).

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Tibial intraosseous drug administration

“Our aim was to determine whether prehospital administration of resuscitative medications via the IO route was associated with lower rates of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) and survival to hospital discharge than peripheral intravenous (IV) infusion in the setting of OHCA” Hamam et al (2021).

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