PICC research

Hemodialysis catheter tip colonisation

“In paired intra-animal post-inoculation comparison made in this limited study, fewer colony forming units of pathogenic bacteria accumulated at the tip of the side-hole-free catheters than at the tips of the catheters which have side holes” Tal et al (2021).

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intravenous fluids

Improving IV dressing integrity

“We continued to collect postproject data of 30,049 vascular access sites including central line catheters and observed the same effectiveness of incorporating a gum mastic adhesive on dressing integrity” DeVries et al (2021).

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blood culture contamination

False-positive blood culture rate reduction

“This significant reduction (by Fisher’s exact test p = 0.0001) suggests that employing a passive blood diversion device in addition to targeted education may decrease FPBCs; antibiotics overuse, costs, and return visits in the pediatric ED setting” Ostwald et al (2021).

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IV flushing with pre-filled syringes

“This article describes how one large university health board in Wales implemented a change in products and practice and explores the issues around adopting and using CE-marked pre-filled, sterile syringes of 0.9% sodium chloride in place of manually drawing up an IV flush (the CE mark indicates devices that conforms with European legal requirements)” Lee and Terry (2021).

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Meropenem pharmacokinetics in sepsis

“A prospective single-center study assessed whether fluid retention alters meropenem pharmacokinetics and the achievement of the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) targets for efficacy” Pařízková et al (2021).

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Ultrasound-guided CVC placement

“Although not superior to the standard internal jugular approach, the novel supraclavicular approach proved to be a noninferior method for central venous cannulation” Aydın et al (2021).

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CLABSI antibiotic treatment duration

“Recent data suggest that administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy for 7 days or less may be as well tolerated and effective as longer courses in episodes of GNB-CRBSI, once the CVC has been removed” Ruiz-Ruigómez and Aguado (2021).

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