picc tip

PICC tip location

“Our study shows that ML classifiers can automatically extract the anatomical location of PICC tips from radiology reports” Shah et al (2021).

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Fibrin Sheath

Implantable port depth

“Subcutaneous implantation of TIVAPS at a depth of 8-12 mm could be preferred due to the lowest incidence of internal and external complications compared to the incidence of these complications in other groups” Chen et al (2021).

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VIP Score

Unusual IV port complication

“This case demonstrated a rare and unexpected complication of the insertion of a port-a-cath, which is the result of an injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve” El-Helou et al (2021).

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FDA Alert

COVID-19 and CLABSI rate increase

“These data highlight the need to return to conventional infection prevention and control practices and build resiliency in these programs to withstand future pandemics” Weiner-Lastinger et al (2021).

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CLABSI prevention education

“Statistical significance was found in all studies (except one) in terms of CLABSI reduction despite the large variation of the length or the type of the educational intervention” Foka et al (2021).

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Preventing infusion reactions

“In the overall population (N = 34) and an elderly subgroup (n = 21), IV cetirizine was as effective as IV diphenhydramine in preventing infusion reactions (primary outcome) and associated with less sedation at all time points, a shorter infusion center stay, and fewer treatment-related adverse events” Holmes et al (2021).

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Peripheral parenteral nutrition

“is a safe, effective way to deliver supplemental protein, energy, and micronutrients to malnourished patients and supports transition to other modes of nutrition care” Rubino et al (2021).

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Newborn PICC line

“To compare polyurethane and silicone peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) in newborns regarding the success rates of insertion and duration and the reasons for nonelective removal” Gomes de Souza et al (2021).

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Sedation for CVC insertion

“For central venous access device procedures under monitored anesthesia care, remifentanil use in both infusion and bolus techniques could provide sufficient sedation and analgesia without serious adverse effects” Sagiroglu et al (2021).

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Central line bundle implementation – Full Text

“However, some factors related to bundle compliance and measurement remain unaddressed, including harder to change socio-cultural factors likely important to sustainability of the CLABSI reductions and fostering further improvements across a broader safety agenda” Goldman et al (2021).

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