neonatal picc

PICC pneumothorax

“The present case report is of a 32-week- and 4-day-old female fetus who was born at Mahzad Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital” Goli et al (2021).

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Infusion clinic compliance cost

“Costs associated with increased operational oversight and regulatory standards are a major contributing factor to the facility fee of hospital outpatient departments” Kusoski et al (2021).

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Biplane ultrasound imaging peripheral IV access

“This proof-of-principle study demonstrates that the biplane ultrasound imaging approach for vessel cannulation resulted in an overall faster, more successful, and safer peripheral IV access than the standard single-plane transverse approach when performed by novice ultrasound users” Convissar et al (2021).

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Chlorhexidine coated PICC

“Based upon the observational findings of this study, chlorhexidine-coated PICC technology may be considered for use in patient populations who are at moderate to high-risk for catheter-related complications in both inpatient and outpatient settings” Winkler et al (2021).

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VIP Score

CRBSI rates and COVID-19

“A dramatic increase of CR-BSIs was found during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reinforcement of classic and new preventive measures are necessary” Pérez-Granda et al (2021).

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POCUS for CVC position confirmation

“The intervention is a deimplementation programme called DRAUP (deimplementation of routine chest radiographs after adoption of ultrasound-guided insertion and confirmation of central venous catheter protocol) that will be created to address one unnecessary imaging modality in the acute care environment” Ablordeppey et al (2021).

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PIVC first stick success

“Changes to policy, practices, and products plus education can improve the PIVC first-stick success, dwell time, documentation, and staff safety” Davidson and Arora (2021).

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Pediatric DIVA score

“The 6-item Pediatric Intravenous Difficulty Score has criterion and construct validity and is reliable over time among clinicians with different levels of expertise in peripheral vascular access” Hartman et al (2021).

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Peripheral vasopressor infusion

“Administration of vasopressor infusions for short duration in critically ill patients via a peripheral venous cannula may be feasible, with low rates of complications, and offers a safe alternative to central venous access” Stolz et al (2021).

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PICC in cystic fibrosis patients

“The development of novel, intense antibiotic regimes, also known as ‘antibiotic eradication therapy’ (AET), have contributed to increased life expectancy of CF patients” Lee and Brasher (2021).

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