cvad and haemophilia

Peripheral IV fixation in pediatric patients

“It is suggested that guidelines for PIVC fixation in pediatric patients be formulated and that training on PIVC fixation in pediatric patients be provided for pediatric nurses in an effort to raise the pass rate in terms of PIVC fixation in pediatric patients” Huang et al (2021).

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VIP Score

Community IV and challenges – Free Webinar

“The IPS IV Forum invites you to join our webinar ‘Community IV and challenges’ with speakers Pam Kang, OPAT Pharmacist, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Ruth Wynn, Citywide Matron MCR IV Teams, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust” IPS IV Forum (2021).

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peripherally inserted central catheter

Vancomycin infusion reaction terminology

“Five months after the transition from 1 electronic health record to another at our freestanding children’s hospital, our antimicrobial stewardship team reviewed all active allergy records to identify and then replace use of RMS terminology with preferred alternative vancomycin flushing syndrome” Konold et al (2021).

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Midline catheter in critical care

“The midline catheter has had a resurgence in use because of the need for a long-term peripheral vascular access device not linked to central catheter-associated bloodstream infection risk” Nickel (2021).

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Accidental epidural catheter infusion of potassium

“An infusion of 100 cc of 0,2% potassium chloride was accidental performed through a thoracic epidural catheter, inserted to perioperative analgesia, to a 66 years old man who was scheduled for right hemicolectomy, 48 h after surgery” Schwartzmann et al (2021).

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Unjustified peripheral IV access in ED – Full Text

“The guidelines specified when PIVI was justified (life-threatening emergency, need for an exclusive intravenous drug with no oral alternative, impossibility to administer oral medication, need to maintain an empty stomach) or unjustified (KVO, “just in case”, to collect a blood sample)” Noel et al (2021).

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Community subcutaneous infusion

“The practice of anticipatory CSCI prescribing and administration can be safe in the community non-specialist setting when supported by clinical guidelines, specialist advice and ongoing multiprofessional education” Coyle et al (2021).

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Short term vascular access safety

“In this cohort study among patients with placement of midline catheters vs PICCs for short-term indications, midlines were associated with a lower risk of bloodstream infection and occlusion compared with PICCs” Swaminathan et al (2021).

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