VIP Score

CRBSI rates and COVID-19

“A dramatic increase of CR-BSIs was found during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reinforcement of classic and new preventive measures are necessary” Pérez-Granda et al (2021).

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dialysis access

Hemodialysis access quality targets

“This large real-world European multicenter analysis of representative incident hemodialysis patients indicates that the use of medical protocols and medical targets assures significant improvements in quality of care, which may correspond to better outcomes” Drozdz et al (2021).

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vascular access

Non-conventional vascular access

“The data analyzed show that NCVAs may be successfully placed by expert teams, allowing to sustain long-term PN, as well as increasing the Intestinal Transplantation applicability for candidates in the extreme need of vascular access” Pérez Illidge et al (2021).

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PICC in cystic fibrosis patients

“The development of novel, intense antibiotic regimes, also known as ‘antibiotic eradication therapy’ (AET), have contributed to increased life expectancy of CF patients” Lee and Brasher (2021).

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PICC pneumothorax

“The present case report is of a 32-week- and 4-day-old female fetus who was born at Mahzad Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital” Goli et al (2021).

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Infusion clinic compliance cost

“Costs associated with increased operational oversight and regulatory standards are a major contributing factor to the facility fee of hospital outpatient departments” Kusoski et al (2021).

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Biplane ultrasound imaging peripheral IV access

“This proof-of-principle study demonstrates that the biplane ultrasound imaging approach for vessel cannulation resulted in an overall faster, more successful, and safer peripheral IV access than the standard single-plane transverse approach when performed by novice ultrasound users” Convissar et al (2021).

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