"This multicenter study aims to review the dialysis nurses' knowledge, attitude, practice, and self-efficacy toward providing care for patients' VA" Meng et al (2024).

Dialysis nurses vascular access knowledge


Background: Dialysis nurses play a pivotal role in the management of vascular access (VA), physician-patient liaison, and patient education for hemodialysis patients. This multicenter study aims to review the dialysis nurses’ knowledge, attitude, practice, and self-efficacy toward providing care for patients’ VA.

Methods: A multi-centered study was conducted using a self-administered survey. Nurses from 47 Singapore dialysis centers (five hospital-based and 42 community-based) providing hemodialysis were invited to participate on a voluntary and anonymous basis from April to November 2022. The survey consists of nurses’ knowledge on VA (10 items), attitude on VA care (six items), usual practices (seven items), and self-efficacy in VA cannulation and management (six items). The total scores for the knowledge, attitude, and self-efficacy components were 50, 30, and 30 respectively. The instrument has been validated in a pilot study.

Results: In total, five hundred sixteen dialysis nurses participated the survey. The mean (±SD) knowledge score of the participants toward VA care was 30.0 (±8.1) over a total score of 50. The means (±SD) of their attitude and self-efficacy scores were 24.4 (±4.1) and 24.2 (±3.1) over 30 respectively. The majority of the nurses (84.1% in hospital-based centers and 98.9% in community-based centers) conducted patient education in some aspects of VA care. The percentage of nurses indicated need for referral to access specialists due to various abnormalities varied significantly between the hospital-based and community-based settings. In the multivariable linear regression analysis, longer working experience was a significant factor for higher knowledge score (B = 0.26; p = 0.001), attitude score (B = 0.08; p = 0.01), and self-efficacy score (B = 0.34; p < 0.001).

Conclusion: Dialysis nurses in Singapore have satisfactory knowledge, practice, and self-efficacy on VA care. The majority of them expressed positive opinions toward the VA-related training they received, new technologies, and communications. The identified knowledge and practice gaps could be incorporated into the future training programs.


Meng L, Tan P, Ali Khan B, Liao J, Lou L, Chen S, Teo BW, Guo W, Ho P. Dialysis nurses’ knowledge, attitude, practices, and self-efficacy regarding vascular access care: A multicenter cross-sectional survey in Singapore. J Vasc Access. 2024 Feb 12:11297298241228816. doi: 10.1177/11297298241228816. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 38346929.