Vascular access device choice

Safety IV catheter

Intravenous literature: Roszell, S. (2010) Intravenous Administration Issues: A Comparison of Intravenous Insertions and Complications in Vancomycin Versus Other Antibiotics. Journal of Infusion Therapy. 33(2), p.112-118.


Nurses on a surgical unit compared 2 groups of patients, vancomycin versus other antibiotics, to determine whether vancomycin intravenous therapy is associated with more peripheral intravenous (PIV) complications. Data were collected on a number of PIV attempts and insertions, phlebitis and infiltration scores, nursing time, and missing or late doses on 153 orthopedic and trauma patients. Increased adverse outcomes were found with repeat venipunctures, attempts, nursing time, and infiltration. Patients receiving vancomycin through a PIV catheter developed more complications than those receiving other antibiotics. This is increasingly important because nurses make recommendations for vascular catheters.


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