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Intravenous and vascular access literature news and updates.

Intravenous Literature


Intravenous literature: Curry, S., Honeycutt, M., Goins, G. and Gilliam, C. (2009) Catheter-associated bloodstream infections in the NICU: getting to zero.…

Intravenous Literature

CRBSI diagnosis

Intravenous literature: Slobbe, L., El Barzouhi, A., Boersma, E. and Rijnders, B.J. (2009) Comparison of the roll plate method to the…

Intravenous Literature

Handwashing behaviour

Intravenous literature: Hanna, D., Davies, M. and Dempster, M. (2009) Psychological processes underlying nurses’ handwashing behaviour. Journal of Infection Prevention. 10(3), p.90-95.…

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