Hypnoanesthesia for ultrasound-guided vascular access



Bierman, S.F. and Sivieri, I.S. (2015) Hypnoanesthesia in Vascular Access. The Journal of the Association of Vascular Access. 20(2), p.77–79.


Purpose: A case is presented wherein hypnosis alone provided anesthesia for the ultrasound-guided placement of a device into right basilic vein. This is the first reported case of hypnoanesthesia for ultrasound-guided vascular access.

Method: Ericksonian hypnosis was employed by the operator while a second clinician performed the vascular access procedure. The general method of induction and the anesthetic suggestions are disclosed and discussed.

Results: The patient’s experience was painless and, by her own repeated reports, pleasurable.

Conclusions: Hypnosis is merely a refinement of everyday communication wherein ideas are expressed to increase the likelihood of their actualization. This case illustrates how a few carefully chosen sentences can alter a vascular access patient’s entire experience.

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