Calcified central venous catheter fibrin sheath



Keehn, A., Rabinowitz, D., Williams, S.K. and Taragin, B.H. (2015) Calcified central venous catheter fibrin sheath: case report and review of the literature. Clinical Imaging. July 17th. [epub ahead of print].


We present a 6-year-old girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia who demonstrated on chest X-ray a radiopacity in the superior vena cava after removal of an implanted venous access device. This radiopacity was initially thought to be a retained catheter fragment. On review of previous imaging, we were able to document the temporal development of a calcified catheter cast as distinct from the catheter. This case represents a rare consequence of central venous catheterization in children. Knowledge of this finding as a possible complication may help avoid performance of unnecessary follow-up imaging or invasive procedures.

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