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Intravenous history

The British Columbia Medical Association Medical Museum has placed its collection of medical devices online. Click here to view the full collection. More stories on IVTEAM

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Vene-K disposable tourniquet

Vygon have just launched the VENE-K a single use, quick release tourniquet. The company suggest that the practice of “Venepuncture and cannulation are the two most invasive

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Drug calculations for nurses

Nurses’ poor maths is putting patients’ lives at risk, a Government report has revealed. A new study carried out in Lothian hospitals reveals “widespread confusion” in the

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Hand gel ‘pedometer’

A study abstract by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center presented at the annual American Society of Anesthesiologists conference reveals a promising new approach to healthcare hand hygiene and

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Chlorhexidine IV dressing

Eyberg, C.I. and Pyrek, J. (2008) A Controlled Randomized Prospective Comparative Pilot Study to Evaluate the Ease of Use of a Transparent Chlorhexidine Gluconate Gel Dressing

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PICC placement outcomes

van Boxtel, A.J.H., Fliedner, M.C., Borst, D.M. and Teunissen, S.C.C.M. (2008) Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheters: First Results after the Introduction in a Dutch University

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Anaphylactic reaction

Terry Parsons died 44 minutes after being treated for a skin infection at Gisborne Hospital in April this year. He suffered an anaphylactic reaction to the

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Home IV growth

Growing numbers of patients needing intravenous medications are getting their treatments at home. But a gap in Medicare coverage is making it harder for older

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