clabsi prevention

Neonatal IV team and central line bundles

“Implementation of quality improvement multidisciplinary intervention; central line insertion and maintenance care bundle, dedicated IV team, education and feedback effectively reduced the rate of CLABSI within our pediatrics and neonatal ICUs” Hamza et al (2021).

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parenteral nutrition

Neonatal vascular access team

“Therefore, we aimed to examine the impacts of a dedicated neonatal peripheral vascular access team (NeoVAT) on key clinical and organisational quality measures of infusion therapy” van Rens (2021).

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Extravasation management guidelines

“Based on these results, it is recommended that guidelines are developed for the management of extravasation, that periodic in-service training programs are provided and that observational studies are carried out into the administration of vesicant drugs” Atay (2021).

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neonatal ultrasound

PICC in newborns

“The results of this research highlight the continuous need to improve technical-scientific knowledge to qualify actions in neonatology” Carneiro et al (2021).

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intraosseous Troponin I

PICC for people who use drugs

“Our analysis has implications for theorizing the role of PICC lines in the care of PWUD and identifies practical guidance for engaging them in productive and non-judgemental discussions about the risks of injecting into a PICC line, how to do it safely, and about medically supported alternatives” Guta et al (2021).

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Midline catheter

Catheter associated right atrial thrombosis

“In the following case report, we will explore the case of a 41-year-old female with metastatic urothelial carcinoma who developed multiple right atrial masses possibly associated with a deeply seated totally implanted vascular access device (TIVAD) tip within the right atrial wall” Dayco et al (2021).

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PICC research

CLABSI prediction in children

“A deep learning model that employs common clinical features in the electronic health record can help predict the onset of CLABSI in hospitalized children with central venous line 48 hours prior to the time of specimen collection” Tabaie et al (2021).

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PICC in cystic fibrosis patients

“The development of novel, intense antibiotic regimes, also known as ‘antibiotic eradication therapy’ (AET), have contributed to increased life expectancy of CF patients” Lee and Brasher (2021).

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PICC pneumothorax

“The present case report is of a 32-week- and 4-day-old female fetus who was born at Mahzad Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital” Goli et al (2021).

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Infusion clinic compliance cost

“Costs associated with increased operational oversight and regulatory standards are a major contributing factor to the facility fee of hospital outpatient departments” Kusoski et al (2021).

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Biplane ultrasound imaging peripheral IV access

“This proof-of-principle study demonstrates that the biplane ultrasound imaging approach for vessel cannulation resulted in an overall faster, more successful, and safer peripheral IV access than the standard single-plane transverse approach when performed by novice ultrasound users” Convissar et al (2021).

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